Dr Rashid Buttar stated after detoxing/healing his autistic son, and the Dr also went on

to heal many more autistic children, "these autistic children are brilliant beyond anything i have seen before".

I believe the evil forces are upon us, and through the decades are destroying our babies with evil toxic va$$ines, which the masses believed we needed for our survival.

The Great Awakening is happening and parents now know the evil.

Thank you are not words big enough for the revelation you have shown with your son Jamison.

Powerful and healing!!

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My love and best wishes to Jamison and millions of children like him.

By the way, ASHA means “Hope” in Hindi language. Sadly, ASHA does not live up to the organisation’s name.

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Very interesting read. I know very little about autism but my husband is an educator and an athlete. We have raised our kids by giving them all the training wheels possible—in skiing, climbing, (in bouldering you call it a power spot) swimming, juggling, math, writing etc. You hold them and guide them until they push you away and don’t need it. Why would it be any different with an autistic child. Maybe I am missing something but I just don’t understand the complaint that the aid is helping too much. If a little assist helps them become more independent over time then what’s the problem.

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I just talked to a brand new speller’s Mom this week who is going through this very same derogatory nonsense with his school, just like my son and yours went through with their schools, and it makes my blood boil!

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I love this so much. This movie has the possibility of causing a major shift in society's attitudes toward non-speakers.

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What a powerful, amazing and uplifting story! Just ordered your and Jamie's book and look forward to reading it. Humans get important things wrong all the time, but sometimes we get something like this exquisitely right. All wonderful wishes to your family and the growth of awareness of the miracle of S2C!! And cool to see we're neighbors :)

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JB, so grateful ur making this fit the masses bc no joke, if I had not accidentally miss clicked on ur live or it was anyone else...I would have not even considered it. Thank you for using ur previous work that help people now recognize this.... no words.

When we went to Tampa the very first visit, he looked at me and I saw him as if to say. Finally Mom, thank you. We have had our own language of u will, but he has been more patient with me than any human should have to be for the first 22 years of his life.

Blessed beyond measure. We are not open, only zoom therapy...however we are getting there and he is more self determined and engaged bc he knows that we know!!!!

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Reminds me of the Work Glenn Doman did to progress brain injured children to normal levels simply by the hard work of doing the motions of development in the CORRECT sequence and with enough repetition to work through the brain injured limitations. Basically the kids would be able to perform as well as regular kids in many cases but only after a long journey. Where the brain or neural injury is permanent finding and training an alternate way to express is pure genius.

I mean Stephen Hawkins was not considered stupid because he could not speak.

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I am severely dyslexic. Up to 8th grade, teachers told me I was "lazy", "crazy", or "stupid" depending on their mood at the time. In 8th grade, a Math teacher figured out I had some sort of processing problem that made arithmetic impossible but Mathematics totally within my ability. She spent time showing me how to overcome it. Today I have a degree in Mathematics.

Pity the fools at ASHA. They are wrong. Praying they will see the light.

Thank you for helping others break free of the chains that bind us when we are different

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Was present the when the program was implemented in my Language Develompent School back in the early 1990's. Back then the S2C system was in it's infancy. At this time...since most children are exposed to iPads and the like...perhaps it may not be the system is being ignored...the opportunity for MANY is right in the palm of most person's hands. Perhaps the S2C teaching system needs updating?

I was present, when my students and teachers toghether made commuication boards with stickers cardboard and clear laminate paper. The boards were specilized... some with images for student who needed to comminicate quickly...a toilet for bathroom, an image of a house for home, photo of parents siblings etc. the SLP's and classroom teachers were very involved. When the ipad came there are now also communication board Apps...

Possibly TOO many opportunities...no on able to agreee on a "Standard" perhaps?

Best to be your own child's advocate and advocate with positive organizations...if ASHA is not for you...keep your child in your hand, a communication board in the other and Press FORWARD...They WORK!

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I'm on Substack daily and this is the first time I thought to type "autism" into the search. This blog was the 4th result and I couldn't be happier to come across it! We have open-ended communication now and it was worth everything it took to get there. It's a game changer for medical and dental appointments for sure. We have no need for the other "experts". They can take their blinders off and help us or become irrelevant.

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I perfect example of organizations controlling/ihibiting the development of the very people they espouse to help because of a clear misunderstanding of the autistic brain. Limited cognition? Preposterous. To think this organization is demeaning and demoralizing millions of kids based upon their own ignorance but then taking the next step to shout it out to the world and as we all know by now, those people adherent to authoritarianism fall lock-step behind these ignorant statements. Therapists underestimating these people is a concerning fact, but isn't his what group think does? Meld the brain to lack critical thinking?

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if we had a dime for every parent who was told by some teacher or therapist, that their child would never and/or was incapable of XYZ (speaking, reading, using or understanding ANY language, using the toilet, having meaningful relationships...) we would have enough money to build a school where NO modality of learning was shunned or marginalized.

the so-called 'experts' are making themselves irrelevant! (lots of that going around, YAY!)

NO ONE will EVER be a better expert than a loving parent (or dedicated teacher)!! Period.

thanks, J.B.! you and your son are an inspiration.

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The link to the website is not working? Can you post a new link to sign up on the website for future showings?

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